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52 Portland Rd.
Bridgton, Maine
Fax:  207-647-5030

Bridgton Eye Care opened April 2005. Our goal is to help improve, and care for, the vision of all Lake Region residents. We offer general eye care services for individuals of all ages and can provide referrals for more complex vision problems when necessary.

Bridgton Eye Care accepts many insurance plans, and we offer affordable rates and flexible payment plans for individuals without insurance. Call us today and set up an appointment—let us help you maintain one of your most valuable assets, your vision.
Contact lenses

Dryness problems?  Newer types of contact lenses are made with silicon which give a much greater oxygen permeability. These newer types have coatings which give the lenses a much wetter, more slippery feel to the eye.  Contact lens solutions are not all created equal, either!  Generic or "store brands" are notoriously drying. Ask you eye care professional for their recommendation.