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New location! Next to the Gazebo!
52 Portland Rd.
Bridgton, Maine
Fax:  207-647-5030

Bridgton Eye Care  is open for eye examinations Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.  Hours are 9am to 5 pm Monday and Thursday, Wednesday and Friday 9am to 3pm and we're closed Tuesday. We would be happy to schedule an exam for you and will make arrangements for evening or morning hours.  The office is open every day but Tuesday for glasses adjustments, repairs, and pick ups.

Before Your Appointment

Please bring the following items with you to your appointment:

1. Your current glasses and contact lens information.
2. A picture ID
3. Your insurance cards (if applicable) We accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield  (Anthem), Cigna, Aetna, Harvard Pilgrim,Tricare and Medicare.
4. A referral (if your insurance requires it)
5. A list of medications you are currently taking

During your eye exam you may be dilated. If you do not feel comfortable driving when you are dilated, please bring a driver with you to your exam. However, most people do not experience extremely blurred vision after dilation.
Contact lenses

Dryness problems?  Newer types of contact lenses are made with silicon which give a much greater oxygen permeability. These newer types have coatings which give the lenses a much wetter, more slippery feel to the eye.  Contact lens solutions are not all created equal, either!  Generic or "store brands" are notoriously drying. Ask you eye care professional for their recommendation.